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What is included in the rental price?

Price includes vehicle for contracted number of days and basic car insurance. The price of long-term rental includes: regular service, tires replacement (winter/summer) if the vehicle is leased during the transitional period, technical and preventive inspection and vehicle registration.

Can I cahange or cancel my reservation?

If the same category of vehicle is available in the time at which you wish to transfer your existing reservation, then the reservation is possible with a surcharge of 100kn per change. Cancellation is possible but we have to warn you that in case of cancellation the paid reservation deposit will be lost.

What if I want to extend my car rental service?

If you would like to extend the vehicle rental, please contact us at least 24 hours before the expiration of the Rental Agreement. To extend the rent, you should come to our branch office, make a payment for the number of days you want to extend the vehicle and take over the Annex of the existing Rental Agreement.

What do I need for booking/colecting a vehicle?

To book your vehicle you need a valid ID, Driving License and Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex or Diners). The driver should be at least 21 or 25 years old (depending on the type of vehicle) and should be in possesion of a Driver's license for at least 2 years. The maximum drivers age is 70. If you are younger than 21 or older than 70, extra fee will apply.

You can book a car in person at our branch office, by e-mail or through the web site.

It's very important to bring your valid ID and Driving License if you would like to make a reservation. In order to make the reservation binding for us and to make sure that your vehicle will be available in the required time period you will have to pay a reservation deposit. The amount of the reservation deposit depends on the type of vehicle and the length of the car rental.

After sucessfull booking/reservation, you will receive the booking/reservation number and a copy of the reservation which you should show to our stuff when you collect the vehicle. All reservation details will be written on your copy. When you come to collect a vehicle, make sure you have a valid ID and Driving License. Based on the reservation and your identification documents, we will prepare a Rental Agreement. You will be given a vehicle key, one copy of the Contract, the Vehicle Status Check Form and the copy of the General Terms of rental.

Can I drive the vehicle only in Croatia or can I drive abroad?

The vehicle can also be used abroad but only with our prior written consent.

Where can I collect/return the vehicle?

You can collect/return the vehicle to our branches at: Radnička cesta 1a, 10000 Zagreb or Varaždinska 106, 42220 Novi Marof every day, except holidays, (Monday - Sunday) from 08:00 to 20:00 o'clock.

Possible additional services:

- Personal vehicle washing
  • internal cleaning – 40,00kn
  • external cleaning – 40,00kn
  • internal and external cleaning – 80,00kn
- Cargo vehicle (pick-up/delivery vehicle and cargo vehicle – B category)
  • internal cleaning – 40,00kn
  • external cleaning – 80,00kn
  • internal and external cleaning – 120,00kn
- Cargo vehicle (C category)
  • internal cleaning – 40,00kn
  • external cleaning – 150,00kn
  • internal and external cleaning – 190,00kn
  • Additional driver – 60,00kn/per day
  • WiFi – 60,00kn/per day
  • GPS – 40,00kn/per day
  • Baby seat – 50,00kn/per dan
  • Abroad fee – 60,00kn/per day
  • Abroad fee (for truck vehicles) – 100,00kn/per day
  • Diesel vehicle – 190kn/per day
  • Collecting/turning back a vehicle after working hours – 350,00kn
- Insurance
  • Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection (CDW/TP) – 55,00kn/per day
  • Wheel, Underside & Glass Inssurance (WUG) – 45,00kn/per day
  • Personal Accident Protection (PAP) – 35,00kn/per day
  • CDW + (customer doesn't have responsibility in damadge) – 75,00kn/per day
Additional services / equipment can be collected and returned to the branch office where you rented the vehicle. We suggest that you book the services / equipment in advance, but you can also arrange them at pickup (if available at that time). Payment options are: credit / debit card, transaction transfer, wire transfer, compensation, voucher, coupon.

Additional costs

Whether there will be additional costs depends solely on you.
All our vehicles are released clean and with a full fuel tank and need to be returned in such a condition. If for some reason you have not done so, the following costs will appear:
  • Vehicle tank service – 62,50kn + the difference between the collected and returned fuel in the tank - 10.00kn per liter of fuel
Vehicles are rented for minimum 24 hours. There is a tolerable time of 2 hours when returning back the vehicle (if it's during the working hours). If you exceed the tolerance, you will be charged an additional day of rent.

From the moment you have taken the vehicle in rent, you bear all costs of traffic offenses and penalties. In case you do not cover the costs of traffic offenses and penalties and they are transferred to us, we will have to charge it to you as extra cost including additional administrative costs

I'm participant in a traffic accident

If you are participant in a minor traffic accident, insist on the arrival of the police and the police report. Unfortunately, it turned out that completing a European report is not always enough to obtain your rights and that is why you need to call the police to the accident scene.

Upon the return of the vehicle, you must attach all police reports of the accident, as well as the result of the breathalyzer.
If you are a participant in a more serious traffic accident where there is more material damage or injured persons:
  • stay in the accident scene and help the injured
  • call 112 or contact the nearest police station
  • imidiately call Rapidus on +385 021 000 000

Forgotten reservation confirmation

If you have a confirmed booking from Rapidus Rental Rent a Car, but you have forgotten a voucher or if your reservation is forwarded via mail and you are not able to reach it, feel free to visit our branch office where you have to collect the vechicle. You will need to show your identification documents (Personal Identity Card or Passport and Driving License) and we will find your reservation in the system (if it is confirmed from us).

Collecting/returning vehicle outside working hours

Collecting/returning vehicle outside working hours is possible (extra fee will be charged) if this service is agreed in advance.

Is there a certain age limit for renting a vehicle?

Yes, you have to be at least 21 years old and in possesion of a vaild Drivers liscense for at least 2 years.

Rent a vehicle & Young drivers (< 21 years old)

Young drivers (18-20 years old) can rent only a certain type of a vehicle but extra charge will apply.

Does the vehicle rental include unlimited mileage?

Vehicle rental includes unlimited mileage if it's not agreed otherwise.

How can I make a payment?

Accepted payment methods are: credit / debit card, transaction fee, wire transfer, compensation, voucher, coupon.

Lost key

If you lost a vehicle key the minimum fee is 2.300kn

Lost Documentation

If you have lost your vehicle documents, the minimum fee is 1,000kn. You must provide us with a police record of the lost vehicle documents.

What is a long-term and what is a short-term lease?

Long-term lease is contracted vehicle rental for a minimum of 31 days. Short-term lease is a contracted vehicle rental up to 31 days.

Am I alowed to drive my pet in rented vehicle?

Of course, we are pet friendly in Rapidus Rental :-) But, vehicle should be returned in collected condition otherwise you will be charged a fee for vehicle cleaning in a minimum amount of 800,00kn.

What if I return the vehicle before the agreed date of return?

In case you return the vehicle before the agreed date of return, we will refund you the amount of unused rental days.

Is it possible to collect a vehicle at one location and return it to another?

The vehicle can be collected / returned to the same branch in which it was taken unless otherwise agreed.

Vehicles with Vignettes

Some vehicles have Vignettes (mostly for Slovenia and Austria). If you need a vehicle with Vignettes, you have to let us know during the reservation process so we can check availability for the requested term.

What is deposit?

The deposit is amount blocked on your credit card during vehicle rental. Preautorization will be canceled upon return of the vehicle, in case there is no damage to the vehicle and you have no parking or other penalties.

Does the vehicle have to be droven solely by the person who rented it?

No. There is a possibility of adding additional drivers to the Rental Agreement. In order to be able to add persons who will be authorized to drive the vehicle, we need identification documents: a valid ID or Passport and a valid Driving License when we are preparing a Contract. If you are making a vehicle reservation through a web site, we suggest that you immediately provide details of all persons who will be authorized to drive the vehicle.

What types of vehicles do you rent?

We rent various types of personal, delivery and cargo vehicles of categories B and C as well as trailers.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle per hour?

The vehicle can be rented for at least 24 hours. If the vehicle is returned before the leased expiry date, a refund for unused hours is not possible.

Is there a possiblity of vehicle delivery?

Unfortunately not. Vehicles are possible to collect only at our offices.

What if late with the return of the vehicle?

You have 2 hours tolerance. If you are late more then 2 hours you will be charged an additional day of rent.

What is a Agreement Contract?

For each vehicle you rent, you must have a Car Rental Agreement which contains your data and data of the rented vehicle.The contract also contains information such as the time when the vehicle has been collected, the time and date when the vehicle should be returned, the current vehicle mileage status, the type of fuel, the rental price and a vehicle status check form. Upon returning a vehicle, a Rent-Car employee will provide you with a form confirming that you have returned the vehicle as well as a form on which new damage on the vehicle will be recorded (if there is any).