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Rental terms

The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 2 years. Driving license printed with non Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic etc) must be complemented by an International driving license.

The renter is responsible for all damages of the car depending on his/hers level of protection included in the price of rental. If all protection is rejected, renter is responsible for the full value of the car. If renter pays for additional protection level then responsibility for the damage is reduced to specific excess. Excess is maximum responsibility of renter for car and it is stated in EUR. There is no level of protection that covers car interior, damages on the tires & glasses, damages on roof, damages on undercarriage and damages made to engine by disoperation! In case of damaging any of stated parts of car that are not covered by protection renter is responsible with full value of damage!

The renter is responsible for all parking fines, police fines and all other additional charges that he / she made during usage for rental car. By signing rental agreement renter agrees to all charges that might be added to price of rental because of already stated reasons (damage, fines,…).

Rental car is not allowed to leave island (without written permission), drive off-road and renter is forbidden to drive over speed limit, misuse handbrake and use car for racing of any kind. In case that renter breaks any of terms in this rental agreement, Rapidus d.o.o. keeps right to cancel rental agreement, seize car and will not issue refund for any prepaid amount of rental!

By signing this rental agreement renter agrees with all terms and agrees to all legit charges made to his / hers credit card that are result of use/misuse of vehicle and breaking any of these terms or lays of Republic of Croatia. I, THE RENTER HEREBY AGREES TO ALL TERMS OF RENTAL WITHOUT PROTEST!